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What is MasterCard SecureCode?
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What is MasterCard SecureCode?
What is MasterCard SecureCode? 
MasterCard SecureCode is a new service that will let you use a personal password with your IDBI Bank MasterCard®, giving you added assurance that only you can use your IDBI Bank MasterCard to make purchases over the Internet. The process is simple to use and secure:
To use the facility, you would:

   - Connect to the Internet and shop online using your IDBI Bank MasterCard.
   - You don't need any special software to use MasterCard SecureCode.
   - Using this facility is as easy as using a PIN for ATM transactions.
How does MasterCard SecureCode work?
MasterCard SecureCode provides you with a password to protect your online transactions, just like you use your PIN at an ATM. Here are the steps:
  - Select the goods or services you want from a MasterCard SecureCode online store and proceed to the payment page.
  - Enter your IDBI Bank MasterCard number and the online store will connect with IDBI Bank to check whether your
    Card is secured with MasterCard SecureCode.
  - IDBI Bank initiates a MasterCard SecureCode pop-up window on your computer screen that includes your Personal
  - Look for and confirm your Personal Assurance Message, then enter your password. IDBI Bank will then confirm your identity
     to the merchant.
Your payment is authorized and your order is placed. It's that simple!
Can I register with my existing IDBI Bank MasterCard or do I need to apply for a new one?  
You can register with any of your IDBI Bank MasterCard's to be protected by MasterCard SecureCode. 
Can I register more than one IDBI Bank MasterCard? 
Yes, you can register all of your IDBI Bank MasterCard Debit cards.
How do I register my IDBI Bank MasterCard? 
You need to register for the service through the IDBI Bank Website.
Can I register my non-MasterCard payment cards with MasterCard SecureCode?
Currently, MasterCard SecureCode is only offered to protect MasterCards.
After I register, how long does it take for MasterCard SecureCode to become active on my card?
The added protection of MasterCard SecureCode is available as soon as IDBI Bank confirms that your registration is successful. You may begin shopping at participating stores by selecting the list of participating online stores featured on your local MasterCard website. 
Once I have registered, how do I use MasterCard SecureCode when I shop online?  
Once you have registered, you will be able to use MasterCard SecureCode service right away on participating merchant sites.
Do I need any special equipment or software on my computer?  
All you need is an Internet connection with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, or Mozilla Firefox 2 or above. To find out if your browser is compatible, go to the "Help" menu in the upper right of your browser and select the "About" option. It should tell you what version is installed on your computer. 
Can I use MasterCard SecureCode from any computer?
You can use MasterCard SecureCode at any PC that has an Internet connection and Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, or Mozilla Firefox 2 or above. 
What is a Personal Assurance Message?
When you register for MasterCard SecureCode, you may be asked to create a Personal Assurance Message. When you pay online, always look for this Personal Assurance Message to ensure that IDBI Bank is authenticating you. 
Where can I shop with MasterCard SecureCode?  
Look for the MasterCard SecureCode mark on participating online stores or check the list of current participants on your local MasterCard website.
How will the online store know that I have MasterCard SecureCode?
Participating online stores will automatically recognize your IDBI Bank MasterCard number if you have registered it for MasterCard SecureCode.
What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, you may reset your password (create a new password) after entering your debit card number, ATM PIN and card expiry
If I suspect someone has stolen my password or used it to make fraudulent purchases, what should I do?
Contact IDBI Bank immediately by email at or call 1800-209-4324 / 1800-22-1070.
Can I get the benefit of MasterCard SecureCode security at online stores that are not participating in the service?  
No. However a number of online stores have the service available to them. In the meantime, if an online store you trust is not yet participating, Please follow safe shopping tips on your local MasterCard website.
What happens if I shop at a MasterCard SecureCode merchant website while I'm not registered for this feature ?
You will be prompted for online registration for MasterCard SecureCode. You would need to authenticate yourself with your debit card number, ATM PIN and card expiry details. You can choose your password to be used for MasterCard SecureCode.
Thereafter, you can continue shopping on the merchant website. If you decide not to register immediately and transact through your normal debit card number, then your transaction will not get authorised and you would not be able to complete the transaction on such websites.

MasterCard SecureCode

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